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Cutting plotters are devices designed for precise cutting of elements from a specific material. Depending on the purpose of the details, plotter paper in many varieties or foils with specific properties are used to make them - thermal transfer, self-adhesive or metallic.

Individual models of devices are adapted to work with various materials: from plain colored paper, through its decorative or textured variants, to foils for plotters of various characteristics and thickness.

Transparent and self-adhesive plotter foils

Plotter foil is one of the types of consumables from which you can cut elements. If these are details intended for decorating cups, balloons, pots, etc. or for placing symbols and information content, the best substrate will be self-adhesive foil. We offer it in many variants - from Cricut or Silhouette brand sets, through single-color smooth, shiny and matte vinyl foils, as well as silver and gold glitter foils, to holographic, metallic or mirror foils for plotters. The assortment also includes thermal transfer foil and transfer foil. All proposed products are available in rolls and in various widths.

Creative media and plotter paper

Plotters can also be used to cut scrapbooking elements, fancy shaped Christmas cards, information tags and many other elements. For such applications, we offer a variety of plotter papers. We sell sets of colored paper sheets of various weights, suitable for creating cards and boxes, as well as openwork elements. We also offer mirror, holographic and Eco plotter paper in natural color and material for cutting labels. The assortment is complemented by creative substrates, such as magnetic foil, for tattoos, stickers, scratch material, stencils, stamps and many other products.

We also encourage you to visit the category dedicated to plotters - you will find there not only devices, but also software or the offer of our courses.

Made by: Michał Desol