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Silhouette adhesive vinyl

The possibility of using different color variants gives many different options during preparation. A previously prepared pattern can be easily applied, for example, to glass, balloons or decorative walls, where the key is to maintain the best effects and high aesthetics.

Availability in different variants

Self-adhesive vinyl is the product available in various variants. Among the popular solutions willingly chosen by customers are: mirror foils, color foils, sets of self-adhesive foils in various colors.

Transfer viyl is the perfect solution for transferring cut patterns from self-adhesive foil. With its help, you can easily and conveniently create stickers for cups or other decorations. When planning to use self-adhesive papers, this type of foil will be necessary as an addition to working with it. Normally, you would need to transfer each cut piece of self-adhesive foil separately - with transfer foil, this can be done in one go.

Special self-adhesive films - durable and waterproof

Some smart vinyl cricut are distinguished by their waterproof properties, which is why the patterns cut out of them can even be used outdoors. Dishwasher resistance is also a great convenience, so cups with a pattern made of this foil can be safely washed in this way, without fear of damage.

Made by: Michał Desol