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Cricut adhesive vinyl

Cricut self-adhesive foils are products thanks to which you can create creative decorations in many colors and types of finishing. A wide range of attractive colors allows you to create unique decorations in various styles.

What can Cricut self-adhesive films be used for?

Cricut self-adhesive foils are perfect for decorating, among others:








They can be used on many different surfaces, including demanding ones, such as wood or porcelain. Creating decorations is very easy - self-adhesive vinyl can be cut using Cricut plotters. They are compatible with many machine models. In the description of each product you will find detailed information on which devices Cricut self-adhesive films can be used.

Cricut self-adhesive films - why is it worth it?

Their main advantage is that the finished sticker can be placed directly on the selected surface without the need for glue. The self-adhesive layer ensures a solid attachment without fear of damage. The foils are designed to be cut with a plotter. We offer a variety of colors to choose from, as well as a variety of attractive finishes - holographic, glitter or iridescent. Thanks to this, Cricut self-adhesive vinyl will prove themselves when creating the most sophisticated decorations.

Self-adhesive Cricut foils - cutting with and without a mat

Cricut self-adhesive foils are available in variants for cutting with or without a mat. All smart foils can be cut without using a plotter mat. The exact method of use depends on the specifics of the device you are using. Check the description of each product to learn more about it. Cutting self-adhesive Cricut vinyl without a mat allows you to create large projects in an extremely easy way. All transparencies can be processed using Cricut Design Space, which will allow you to use these products in almost unlimited creative applications.

Browse through the available designs of Cricut self-adhesive vinyl and choose the one that best suits your project.

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Made by: Michał Desol