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Plotter paper - match the type to the type of project

Depending on what pattern the cutting plotter is to prepare - the paper that will be used for this purpose must be characterized by specific properties. In our offer you will find both basic, smooth variants in various colors, as well as mirror or holographic versions.

The most common choice of our customers is smooth plotter paper in white. It can be used with both inkjet and laser printers. It is distinguished by great susceptibility to various types of finishes. Suitable for cutting, gluing and embossing. This type of plotter paper guarantees high quality printouts. Thanks to its use, you can prepare diplomas, greeting cards and even boxes.

In the case of unusual projects to be prepared by a plotter, mirror or holographic paper can work much better. Thanks to it, all decorations will look exceptionally elegant. The gold and silver plotter paper that we offer to our customers is also abrasion resistant.

Eco plotter paper - made of recycled paper

Do you want to get a unique effect in your projects referring to ecology? Or maybe you want to create a rustic decoration? An excellent solution will be eco-friendly plotter paper. It is characterized not only by a specific brown-gray color. It was made of recycled paper. By using it, you can directly protect the environment.

Plotter paper for stickers and labels

Paper for plotters is increasingly used not only by printing houses or design offices, but also by people who are passionate about preparing scrapbooking decorations. Using colored sheets, you can create unique stickers or labels. These are useful for decorating envelopes, invitations, wall posters. They will also work well for marking jars with preserves.

Made by: Michał Desol