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xTool M1 plotter

The xTool M1 hybrid plotter - is it worth it?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner craftsman or have a bit more experience in the industry, if you are considering purchasing a cutting plotter, you are probably looking for a device that will be versatile, simple and safe to use, and not too expensive. Perhaps you are interested in cutting in paper, self-adhesive foil, flex or flock, but you also want to try engraving and cutting in thicker materials such as acrylic and plywood?


Until recently, the only option was to choose between knife plotters, such as machines from manufacturers SilhouetteCricutBrother or Skycut, and Fluxlaser plotters. In order to try your hand at cutting both thinner materials and films, and engraving and cutting materials of greater thickness and density, you had to get two separate machines, which was not the easiest solution mainly due to the cost as well as the space required in the studio to use two plotters, the need to learn the software that comes with each machine separately, or the maintenance and servicing of both machines. Therefore, although the plotters of the above-mentioned manufacturers are our recommended devices for both hobbyist and professional use, they will work best if you already know in which material you intend to cut or engrave.

xTool M1

Therefore, isn't there an ideal solution for those who are just considering the right direction? We have decided to meet the needs of our customers and have recently been able to offer a compromise of sorts in the form of the innovative xTool M1 hybrid plotter, which has both knife and laser machine functions to offer! That's not all, however, as the xTool M1 is a machine that will also work well for home use, thanks to its small dimensions for such a versatile plotter. In addition, the weight of less than 10kg allows you to carry the laser with ease. Another advantage is the appearance of the device, which does not disfigure the interior of the home studio, blending in with the environment thanks to the use of neutral colors and a simple, aesthetic design. It is also worth mentioning the attractive price, which, combined with the other advantages, makes the xTool M1 a great choice for both more experienced and novice craftsmen.

The capabilities of the xTool M1 plotter

As I mentioned, the xTool M1 hybrid plotter combines the functions of knife and laser plotters. This is all thanks to the combination of a laser head and a blade holder. This allows us to adapt the cutting method to the material we are working with. Thus, we can cut various types of papers, thin leather, fabrics, self-adhesive, flex or flock films, for which a knife with a blade angle of 45° or 60°, depending on the thickness of the material, and a mat covered with standard or strong adhesive, will be ideal. For cutting thicker materials such as plywood, selected woods, dyed opaque acrylic up to 3mm thick, and for engraving on various types of surfaces such as leather, rubber, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, cardboard, etc., use a diode laser. With such a wide range of possibilities, you will be able to create unique and original designs, such as greeting cards, iron-on cards, stickers, but also hard material toppers, engraved mugs, decorations and personalized everyday objects. In addition, the manufacturer offers accessories that further enhance the performance and capabilities of the plotter.

ciecie xtool



Elevation with honeycomb

Thanks to the solutions offered by the manufacturer, we will gain even more possibilities, especially when it comes to laser cutting and engraving. Thanks to the possibility of attaching to the machine an elevation with an openwork tray resembling a honeycomb, we will gain a larger working area, and the work itself will be more aesthetic thanks to the minimization of tanning of the edges of the material during cutting.


Air Assist air pump

We can enhance this effect by sourcing an Air Assist air pump, which will further reduce the working temperature and minimize the settling and burning of the dust generated during cutting and engraving, which will further positively affect the aesthetics of the work and help extend the life of the laser lens.


Rotary module RA2 PRO

If you're looking to engrave rounded-shaped items, the manufacturer offers a rotary module equipped with a variety of handles and tips, making it possible to create personalized mugs, thermoses, and even Christmas tree baubles or jewelry such as rings.


Premium material set

This is a collection of 246 items made from 19 of the most popular materials for cutting and engraving with the xTool M1 plotter. It will be a great choice if you want to learn and test the features of the device. You will also receive a useful catalog with the set, which will show you the cutting and engraving settings for each of the materials included in the set. This will definitely make your work easier and allow you to learn about the machine's capabilities.

User safety

The xTool M1 hybrid plotter was designed with concern for user safety. Therefore, it is equipped with a sealed enclosure to prevent the escape of harmful laser radiation and fumes generated during cutting and engraving. Nonetheless, when using the device, a few basic safety rules must be observed to ensure that work is carried out in a suitable and non-threatening manner.

Evacuation of exhaust fumes

Evacuating exhaust fumes when using a laser is essential for safe use of the machine. The smoke produced during engraving and cutting is very harmful to health. A tube supplied with the plotter is used for exhaust fumes. It can be used in two ways. The first is to discharge the fumes to the outside of the building through a vent designed exclusively for this purpose. It must not be connected to the ventilation of the entire building. If this is not possible, you need to get a dedicated manufacturer's filter with replaceable cartridges.


Aesthetically pleasing and small in size (42.5 x 25 x 41 cm), the xTool filter weighs only 14kg and you can easily move it to any location thanks to convenient casters. The volume of 55dB will allow you to use it comfortably in the comfort of your home, and thanks to the simple installation you can quickly get to work.


Located inside the housing, the cartridge contains three filters, each with a different purpose. The pre-filter will trap larger material particles created during engraving and cutting. The intermediate filter will capture most dust and particles, while the main filter absorbs dangerous gases and odor. Changing the cartridge is very simple and fast, and using the xTool filter not only gives you a sense of security, but also greatly improves the comfort of your work.

Fire protection

Although the manufacturer has made every effort to make the use of the xTool M1 plotter safe, it should be remembered that via the laser beam, high temperatures are generated on the surface of the materials to be processed, which in turn can lead to flame. There is therefore a risk of fire, and you should get a fire extinguisher and keep it near the work area.

xTool M1 plotter

The environment in which the device will be located is also important. Ideally, no flammable materials should be stored nearby. If the workplace where the plotter will be located is a part of your house, it is worth ensuring that items of equipment susceptible to heat and ignition are also at a certain distance from it. Therefore, it is worth giving up solutions such as decorative curtains in the vicinity of the machine operating the laser beam.
Soon you will be able to get the solution proposed by the manufacturer in the form of the Fire Prevention Kit, which will be compatible with the xTool M1 and P2 plotters available in our store. This device will not only detect the flame with a sensor and inform about the danger with an audible alarm, but in case of a high risk of fire, it will extinguish the flames using interchangeable cartridges of CO2 gas placed in it. This is another step by the manufacturer to minimize risks as much as possible when using its products.

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid plotter

The hybrid plotter is a solution to many of the current dilemmas of handicraftsmen who create as a hobby as well as professionally. Many advantages already mentioned such as the safety of use, the availability of interesting accessories and the possibility of using both a blade and a laser, characteristic of this model, allow us to create in a variety of materials, which, in addition, we can purchase in the form of a kit prepared by the manufacturer with cutting and engraving settings for each element. This, combined with an affordable price and the possibility to use the device in small studios and at home, makes the xTool M1 an almost ideal machine when you want to grow your business and are wondering what direction to take.

However, as you know, versatility also has its drawbacks. In the case of the xTool M1 plotter, one of them may be performance. The diode laser with which the device is equipped will cope well with both cutting and engraving, but it is worth bearing in mind that for work with larger volumes it is worth getting a more efficient CO2 laser, which can not only cope with thicker materials and transparent acrylic, but will perform cutting and engraving faster than the M1 model. When it comes to cutting film or paper with a blade, the situation is similar. For smaller print runs, the plotter will cope with the task, but if you are betting on a business based on cutting paper and film, it is worth betting on a device that offers higher performance, for example, one of the professional devices available in our store.



Taking into account the above-mentioned capabilities of the xTool M1 plotter, its advantages and disadvantages, its safety of use and its not-so-expensive price compared to other laser devices, I think it is a worthy solution, especially if you are unsure about the direction you want to go in, and want to explore the capabilities of both a knife plotter and a laser plotter. With the xTool M1 plotter, you can do projects using both functions, which will make further decisions easier. All in all - it's worth it if you're looking for your own way, don't plan on mass production and want to try out different possibilities while having a moderate budget.

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