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Single-line fonts – how to find them and what can they be useful for?

If you are interested in gilding and sketching decorative inscriptions, in this article you will learn which fonts are best for these tasks. I will also tell you where to get them and share my favorites.


Single-line fonts – how to find them and what can they be useful for?

When creating our own projects, we face many choices, starting from the type of material we will work with, through colors, and ending with details. They often make our works shine, attract attention and give an original effect, so it is worth ensuring their consistency with the rest of the design, as well as patterns appropriate to the accessories we use. To create unique ornaments, background elements or inscriptions, we can use, for example, markers or gilding tools. To achieve aesthetic effects, appropriate patterns and fonts should be selected.


Single-line fonts – what are they?

In the case of most standard fonts, after sending them for cutting or sketching, we obtain an outline of individual letters, because cutting plotters recognize them as figures and perform the task along the lines and points defining their outline. In this way, we obtain empty characters, which we can optionally fill with color or gilding, if the program we use allows it. For example, Silhouette Studio has this function (filling with a sketch). To achieve a more delicate and aesthetic effect, it is worth using single-line fonts. As the name suggests, these are fonts in which individual letters consist of a single line. Thanks to this, the plotter reads a straight path during operation. Thanks to this, we obtain delicate inscriptions that do not require filling out.

Where to download single line fonts?

Most of the programs included with plotters allow you to create inscriptions using fonts saved on your computer. Therefore, you should look for them on websites offering free fonts for personal and commercial use. If we want free files, after entering "free fonts" or "free fonts" in the search engine, we will receive several suggestions. The most popular ones are, for example, DaFont or Font.download. To search for single-line fonts, enter "single line" in the search engine. Single-line fonts should appear.

Sample single-line fonts

Most fonts, especially free ones, are for personal use. It is worth remembering this when using them, or purchasing a commercial license. If you do not do this, you may only use the fonts for your own use. My favorite single line fonts that you can download for free for personal use include:


Infirmly Indicator Single Line – an elegant and delicate font perfect for creating invitations or thank you notes


Early Youth Single Line Regular – a great font for less formal projects


Bedriyas – elegant and unique at the same time, making them eye-catching

These are just my suggestions, but there are many possibilities, from fonts consisting of decorative swirls to simple and legible ones. Everyone will find something interesting that suits their tastes and needs resulting from the nature of a given project. All that remains is to create the design and then gild or sketch the prepared inscriptions to enjoy the great effect!

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