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Electrostatic Mat

Electrostatic Mat - 5 reasons why you must have it

In this article, you will learn about one of the newest accessories from the Silhouette manufacturer - the Electrostatic Mat, and you will also find out why it is worth investing in it. Perhaps it will turn out to be the perfect solution for you!


What is the electrostatic mat?

The electrostatic mat is a new product from the Silhouette manufacturer. It is a built-in element of the Curio 2 plotter, but you can buy it as a separate accessory for the Cameo 5 and Portrait 4 models. The platform attracts sheets to its surface using an electrostatic field. Just place the selected sheet on the platform and activate the electrostatic field function, and after a while it will be immobilized. Once your cut is complete, simply turn off the field and remove your project from the platform. Please remember that the sheets placed on the mat should be impermeable so that they can gain proper adhesion and do not move during cutting. There is an electrostatic protection sheet on the platform that protects it during cutting and also prevents discharges from occurring when materials are placed on its surface. The sheet is rectangular, so it should be placed on the platform so that the entire electrostatic surface is covered. Otherwise, a harmless but unpleasant electrical discharge may occur when placing the materials on the sheet. Enough of the theory, but why is it worth investing in this solution?

1. No need to use a mat covered with glue

Electro Mat Portrait

The electrostatic mat allows you to place cutting materials on its surface without the need to use an adhesive mat. If so far, removing pattern elements from the mat has been cumbersome, long-lasting and has caused its deformation, thanks to the mat you will avoid this troublesome activity. Turn off the electrostatic field attraction and the cut out patterns can simply be picked up.

2. Easy removal of material remnants from the platform

Electro Mat 2

After cutting on a mat covered with glue, in addition to removing the cut pattern, you should also carefully remove any remaining material. In the case of openwork designs, this is extremely troublesome, because each element must be peeled off so that the mat does not lose its properties. When you cut on an electrostatic platform, after finishing your work, simply turn off the attraction and simply scrape up the remaining paper with your hand. This solution saves time and does not leave small material remnants on the platform surface, which in the case of an adhesive mat shortened its life.

3. Stabilization when cutting without or with a mat

Electro Mat 3

You can also cut on the surface of the electrostatic mat using the mat if necessary. This applies, for example, to permeable materials or sheet remnants that no longer hold themselves on the platform surface. Using a platform in such a situation is justified because it provides stabilization and prevents the mat from bending at the front and back when moving it in the plotter rollers, so the material does not peel off and does not move even if the glue on the mat has already weakened.

4. Ability to cut delicate materials

Electro 4

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the electrostatic platform also allows you to cut even more delicate materials that could be damaged or curled when removed from the glue-covered mat. Therefore, you can cut out paper without worrying that too strong glue will damage its delicate structure or stick too tightly to the cut out pattern.

5. No need for regeneration and fewer replacements

Electro 5

An adhesive-coated mat is still a good solution for many projects, but it wears out over time and requires replacement or regeneration. Of course, replacing the electrostatic mat sheet is also necessary in case of damage resulting from excessively strong cutting settings. However, its frequency is lower than in the case of the need to regenerate the glue on the mat surface.


An electrostatic mat is a great solution if time is of the essence. It will also allow you to make delicate projects without the risk of tearing or curling them when taking them off the mat. Thanks to the use of an electrostatic field, you will avoid the need to regenerate the glue covering standard mats, and if necessary, there is nothing to stop you from using both solutions at the same time, gaining a new, higher quality of cutting on the adhesive mat thanks to additional stabilization. It is worth remembering that this is not a solution that completely replaces the traditional mat, as it will only work for impermeable materials. When cutting openwork, it is also worth starting by cutting out the internal contours and finally cutting out the outline of the element so that the sheet of paper does not lose its grip and fall off the platform during work. You should also be careful when placing an electrostatic protection sheet on the platform to avoid experiencing an unpleasant electrical discharge. Nevertheless, although the platform is a new product, it already has a large group of supporters who consider it a great addition to new generation plotters, making work much easier and faster.

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