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LOKLiK ImPress Hat

Meet LOKLiK ImPress Hat!

If you create personalized clothing and gadgets, you will certainly be interested in a new product that has appeared in our store - a LOKLiK press that allows you to conveniently apply patterns from thermal transfer foil to the surface of hats!


What is LOKLiK ImPress Hat?

What is it used for?

The LOKLiK ImPress Hat is one of the latest products of this manufacturer. It is characterized by a curved heating plate that allows you to preserve patterns made of flex foil or sublimation on items such as caps, hats or backpacks. This makes it ideal for craftsmen's workshops who want to expand their assortment with new products, as well as for beginners in the production of their own, personalized clothing and accessories.

LOKLiK Hat Press

Small dimensions and great functionality

Thanks to its small dimensions, the press is easy to store and transport, which allows you to use it not only at home, but also at various types of fairs and trips. The set includes a safety base with a cover, which, after placing a profiled mat on it, also becomes a form for ironing on patterns, thanks to which you will save a lot of space. It will also be used in classes conducted in schools and other institutions where you can make original objects. The press is also exceptionally easy to use. Thanks to the ability to adjust the temperature and heating time to the selected method, you will achieve lasting effects. Thanks to the high temperature, the press also allows you to fix designs made using the sublimation method on polyester surfaces, thanks to which you can create unique, multi-colored patterns.

Hat Press


An additional advantage of the press is its safe use. The shape of the press allows for comfortable work, and the safety base will avoid damage to the surface on which the device is heated and cooled. Thanks to the automatic shutdown of the device after 15 minutes of inactivity, you do not have to worry whether the press has been disconnected from the power supply after work.


The competitive price of the press is an additional advantage, especially if you are just starting your adventure with this type of projects. In addition, the device is covered by a two-year warranty for private individuals. To sum up - the LOKLiK ImPress Hat is a device that allows you to create unique designs, handy, easy to transport and store, safe during work, and at an attractive price. These advantages make the press an ideal choice for craftsmen who want to expand their assortment.

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