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Infusible Ink Markers Ultimate - 30ct

SKU: 093573832758

Mazaki Infusible Ink posiadają żywe kolory, które z łatwością możesz przenieść na materiały dostosowane do sublimacji. W zestawie znajdziesz aż 30 mazaków w różnych kolorach.

259,00zł incl. tax

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The product includes the following elements:


30 Markers

30 0,4mm markers in Rose, Bubble Gum, Dusty Rose, Fuchsia, Coral, Red, Paprika, Orange Peel, Sunflower, Butterscotch, Yellow, Mint, Light Green, Apple Green, Sage, Green, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Something Blue, Azure Blue, Vivid Blue, Navy, Lilac, Light Purple, Eggplant, Violet, Gray, Dark Gray, Greige, Black


Infusible Ink markers will allow you to create unique patterns that you can transfer to surfaces compatible with the sublimation technique. This way you can create personalized T-shirts with a selected pattern or inscription, bags, mugs or cases.

Infusible Ink Markers - how to use:

Draw simple or complex designs freehand, or use a plotter to sketch your chosen design. The sketch should be made on plain, white paper suitable for laser printers (copier paper). Just choose the appropriate colors and thicknesses of the marker and draw your dream pattern. Design the pattern in a mirror image.

Infusible Ink should be ironed on dedicated Cricut materials to obtain the best effect and vivid and pure colors. You can also use fabrics and items adapted for sublimation (the manufacturer reserves that the colors may differ slightly on non-original materials).

Place the paper with the sketch side down on the target surface. Then, to transfer the color to the surface, use an EasyPress, EasyPress Mini, MugPress or other press that reaches a temperature of 205°C.

For use:

  • manual 
  • with Cricut Maker, Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 plotters 
  • with Silhouette plotters* 
  • with Brother plotters*

*Requires placement in marker holder.

Compatible devices

You can use this product with the following devices:


Cricut Maker 3


Cricut Explore 3


Cricut Maker 1


Cricut Explore Air 2


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Made by: Michał Desol