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Brother SDX plotters are modern models of plotters that offer advanced cutting and creative design capabilities. Here are some accessories dedicated to Brother SDX plotters and how to use them:

  • Fabric cutting accessories: Brother SDX offers special fabric cutting accessories, such as a special fabric cutting mat or fabric cutting knives. These accessories allow precise cutting of various types of fabric, which is useful for DIY projects such as patchwork, clothes and decorations.
  • Vinyl Cutting Accessories: Special vinyl cutting accessories are also available for Brother SDX plotters. These can be cutting knives with different cutting depths or a special foil cutting mat. Thanks to them, you can create wall decorations, stickers, stencils or labels.
  • Mats: Adhesive mats are often used on Brother SDX printers. They can be used to hold materials in place while cutting, keeping them stable and precise. The plotter mats are reusable and easy to clean.

The above-mentioned accessories for Brother SDX plotters expand your creative possibilities and enable more advanced projects, whether it's cutting fabric, vinyl or scanning hand drawings.

Made by: Michał Desol