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Silhouette Curio 2 - is this a plotter for you?

Choosing the right plotter is often a task that requires many hours or even days of searching. What is important is not only the capabilities of the device itself, but also its dimensions, budget and our needs that it should meet. So could Silhouette Curio 2 be the right plotter for you?


Curio 2 highlights

Silhouette Curio 2 is one of the latest plotters from this manufacturer. Moreover, its construction is unique when compared to previously available machines from both Silhouette and other manufacturers of hobby plotters. Curio 2, unlike other devices of this type, is equipped with a 30 x 30 cm working field and an ambulance moving above it on a movable rail. The manufacturer declares that this makes it possible to achieve exceptional cutting precision. It is also worth noting that the working field is in fact an electrostatic platform that attracts various types of impermeable materials to its surface or, if necessary, a mat covered with glue. Thanks to its unique structure, the plotter allows you to process materials up to 2 cm thick, so you can place notebooks, calendars and other thicker items in it. Curio 2 is also compatible with all the manufacturer's latest tools for gilding, embossing, calligraphy, engraving and punching.

Curio 2 capabilities


Electrostatic platform

Thanks to electrostatic attraction, you can cut various types of materials without having to place them on a mat covered with glue. They must be impermeable to be properly immobilized. You can also place a mat covered with glue on the platform and place the material to be processed on it. The electrostatic attraction function is important if you are making detailed or openwork designs that may be damaged when peeling off the mat, and removing paper remnants from the adhesive surface would be very time-consuming.


Gilding, embossing and calligraphy

These are functions available to many hobby devices, but Curio 2 stands out from other plotters by allowing it to work on the surface of thicker objects. So you can gild the surface of the cover of a calendar or notebook, emboss patterns on them, and the newest marker holder will allow you to make inscriptions resembling calligraphy. The latest marker holder will also allow you to place markers in the first holder of the plotter, while in the second we can place, for example, a marker of a different color.


Punch function

Particularly useful for leather projects. If you make your own accessories, you will certainly appreciate the ability to make evenly spaced and aesthetic holes. The tool has tips of various diameters, thanks to which you can make precise places for seams, as well as studs and press studs.



An engraving tool with a rotating tip will allow you to engrave the surface of acrylic tiles or soft aluminum tiles (preferably dedicated by the manufacturer), which allows you to additionally expand your product range with unique lamps, decorations and much more.


Curio 2 is a device with many possibilities. In addition to cutting paper and foil, it can also cut prints, sketch, gild, emboss, punch and engrave. It will work well in your studio if you want to make original projects. Thanks to the unique design, you will not only get even greater precision but also a working space up to 2 cm high, so it will be possible to personalize many items. However, it is worth remembering that the plotter has a working field of 30 x 30 cm and requires the material to be immobilized on it in order to cut, so larger sheets of paper or cutting foil from a roll are not an option. It is also worth taking into account the large size of the plotter and the fact that it will require more space in the studio.

Who is Curio 2 for?

We recommend Silhouette Curio 2 primarily to people for whom cutting in foil and paper is not a priority and who would rather focus on using the non-standard capabilities of the plotter. If you want to be able to decorate thicker objects, create personalized notebooks, calendars or leather projects that require sewing and studs, Curio 2 can offer much more possibilities compared to other machines from the hobby plotter category. Of course, when cutting standard materials such as paper and foil, a plotter will also work, but its working area will be limited. To sum up - if you want to try something new, your products are up to 2 cm thick, you are looking for a versatile machine that offers many possibilities and you are not focused on cutting paper and foil in large formats - Curio 2 will certainly work well in your studio.

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