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FLUX laser plotters - why are they worth it?

When planning our own handicraft creation business, we face many dilemmas. Often these involve choosing the right equipment that will meet our requirements and cope with the challenges thrown at it. If you plan to cut in paper or film, a knife plotter will work perfectly. But what if you are considering working on dense materials such as plywood, acrylic, glass or leather? In that case, the FLUX range of laser plotters is perfect just for you!


As the name implies in FLUX brand plotters, cutting is done not by knives, but by a concentrated laser beam. This gives the possibility to cut in thick materials and engrave in their surface, depending on the settings of the equipment. Thus, we can use the laser plotter to make engravings on glass, acrylic, leather, fabrics or even concrete. We can also cut small details in, for example, plywood, fabrics or leather, which is not possible with a knife plotter. As you may have guessed, this gives a huge number of possibilities for creating personalized custom products. Now all that remains is to choose the right model for our requirements and budget. So let's move on to what FLUX has to offer.

FLUX laser plotters

FLUX Beamo


The plotter with the graceful name Beamo is the smallest device of its kind available on the market. Despite its dimensions (17.7cm x 61.5cm x 44.5cm), it will handle many challenges such as cutting in leather up to 1mm thick, cardboard up to 2mm, wood, acrylic and bamboo up to 3mm and fabric up to 9mm. You can also engrave in all of the above materials as well as rubber, aluminum, glass, cement and stone.


FLUX Beambox


If you need a laser plotter with slightly larger cutting capabilities, look out for the FLUX Beambox model, which, in addition to a larger working area, can cut in materials thicker than the Beamo offers. The working area in its case is 40 x 37.5 cm. It can cut in leather up to 2.5mm, cardboard up to 3mm, wood, acrylic and bamboo up to 5mm, fabrics up to as much as 15mm, and can engrave in all of the above, plus rubber, aluminum, glass, cement or stone.


FLUX Beambox Pro


It probably won't come as a surprise if I say that the FLUX Beambox in the PRO version is able to offer us even more. Its working area is 60 x 36 x 8cm, and we can cut with it in 4mm thick leather, 4.5mm cardboard, bamboo, 8mm wood and acrylic, fabrics up to 18mm. The engraving function does not change compared to previous models.




If you're looking for an exceptionally fast laser plotter for special tasks and do a lot of larger size projects, you might be interested in the latest model from manufacturer FLUX - the HEXA laser plotter. It's also the largest of the family with dimensions of 27 x 111 x 67cm. It thus has a working area of 12.5 x 73 x 41cm which allows for larger projects. Thanks to its extremely high resolution, even extremely fine details can be produced.

Useful accessories


Beam Air Filter

When a laser plotter is in operation, harmful particles escape from its interior, which is extremely hazardous to health. If there is no way to exhaust the fumes to the outside, get a Beam Air filter with replaceable cartridges to catch both larger and microscopically small airborne particles.


Beam air has four layers: a pre-filter, a medium efficiency filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

Replacement of the individual filters is very easy, and the Beam Air itself is equipped with a dial with which we set the intensity of filtering and thus the volume of the device.


Rotary modules

If you care about engraving rounded-shaped items such as bottles, thermoses, jars or pens, you need to get a rotary module. FLUX offers two types of rotary modules - a Beamo-compatible one, and a Beambox, Beambox Pro and HEXA-compatible one.


The larger the plotter's working area, the more possibilities the rotary module also offers. For example, for the Beamo plotter, the dimension of objects engraved with the module is from 8 to 90mm. For the HEXA, on the other hand, the length of the engraved object is as much as 60cm!

As I mentioned earlier, for cutting paper up to 300g and various types of film, a knife plotter, such as craft plotters Cricut or Silhouette, will work best, and if you need to cut more projects, it's worth betting on professional plotters such as Skycut brand devices.

However, if you rely on cutting in thick and dense materials, creating projects from plywood or plexiglass, or personalized with engraved items, you can't do without a laser plotter. FLUX lasers offer not only a very wide range of possibilities at a relatively small size for such a versatile device, but also high quality of the equipment itself and the projects made with it. In conclusion, if your workshop needs a laser plotter with engraving function, it is worth betting on FLUX machines.

If you are still wondering if this is the device for you, we offer the service of conducting cutting tests in various types of materials. Just send us samples. You can read more about the tests HERE.

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