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Silhouette Cameo 5 Plus

SKU: 819177026832

Silhouette Cameo 5 Plus is a plotter with the ability to cut materials up to 37 cm wide. The plotter is equipped with a powered handle for gilding, embossing and calligraphy using dedicated tools. The plotter also has the option of connecting an electrostatic platform (available soon), ideal for cutting thin and delicate materials.

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The product includes the following elements:






Cutting Mat

With dimensions 38 x 42 cm.


Power Cord


Blade Adjustment Tool


Roll Feeder


User Manual

In electronic form.


Free Silhouette Studio Software


Silhouette Cameo 5 Plus is a plotter with the ability to cut materials up to 37 cm wide. It combines the advantages of previous models with new solutions that are intended to improve, speed up work and make projects even more precise and original. At the same time, the machine remains compatible with new generation mats and tools previously used to work with Cameo 4 and Portrait 3 plotters.

Plotter possibilities

Cutting in paper up to 300g

Thanks to the ability to cut paper weighing up to approximately 300 g, it is possible to create unique cards, vignettes, boxes, toppers, decorations and many other projects. This means that Cameo 5 can be used both in small companies, for hobby use and in various types of institutions, including educational ones.

Cutting foil

The plotter comes with a foil feeder with a cutter, which makes cutting directly from the roll even more convenient. This will allow you to cut out stickers from self-adhesive foil or original iron-on transfers from flex foil. You will create personalized balloons, walls, original clothing and textiles.

Cutting out prints

The ability to cut prints allows you to create unique stickers, place cards, educational cards and many other original designs. Just turn on the tags in the program and then print the project on any laser or inkjet printer. Then, after placing the plotter on the mat, the device will read the markers and cut along the lines marked in the program.


The plotter is operated via the proven Silhouette Studio software, which must be downloaded from the manufacturer's website after purchasing the device. The free version of the software allows you to use ready-made patterns from the manufacturer's store and design your own, using available tools, fonts saved on your computer or via a tool for vectorizing simple and contrasting raster files. The program is operated in Polish and in the basic version it supports .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff files.

    System requirements

    Hardware requirements for Silhouette Studio to run:

    • Operating system: PC (Windows 10 and higher) or Mac (OS X 11 and higher - excluding OS 14 Sonoma)(Chromebook is not supported)
    • The software supports devices with 64-bit processors.
    • Internet connection: Recommended (for updating and upgrading to Designer Edition)
    • RAM: 4 GB RAM
    • Processor: 2.5GHz (Intel Quad Core or AMD Quad Core) CPU memory speed: 186 MB program memory (does not include additional memory recommended for download)
    • USB Port: USB 2.0 Port (or later)

    It is also possible to use the Silhouette GO mobile application, available for both Android and iOS.

Additional plotter functions

Apart from cutting many materials, the plotter also offers a number of possibilities useful when creating unique projects and implementations, both for craftsmen and smaller companies. Thanks to dedicated tools and accessory sets that you can buy in our store, you can create sketches, gilding or embossing!

Electrostatic platform

This is a completely new solution that allows you to cut thin materials without using a mat, minimizing the risk of tearing or rolling the project when removing it from the adhesive surface. This makes it possible to cut out precise patterns even from delicate sheets of tissue paper or thin paper.

The platform is not included and must be purchased separately - available soon.

Sketching with markers

Replace the blade with the manufacturer's marker, or place your own marker in the universal holder and enjoy the option of sketching with your plotter. Thanks to this, you will achieve precision and repeatability impossible to achieve with a manual sketch.


Thanks to the powered holder and the Silhouette gilding set, you can create wonderful decorations, inscriptions, ornaments and patterns. This will create elegant invitations, thank you cards and place cards. Gilding set to be purchased separately.


Using the embossing tool, you can create unique patterns on paper, foil or thin plates. Elements made in this way will give your projects a unique character. Embossing tool sold separately.

Calligraphy tool (coming soon)

This is a holder that allows you to guide the pen in a way that allows you to create calligraphy. Create elegant and decorative inscriptions on cards, invitations or thank you notes!


  • 24 months for private individuals and companies

  • Specification

    ModelCameo 5 Plus
    Force300g, 5kg
    ConnectionUSB, Bluetooth
    LanguageEnglish, Polish
    SoftwareSilhouette Studio (free), Adobe Illustrator - plug-in (paid extra), Corel DRAW - plug-in (paid extra), Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (paid extra), Silhouette Studio Business Edition (paid extra)
    Maximum Cutting Area With Cutting Mat30,5 x 61 cm (12 x 24 in.), 37 x 38 cm (14,6 x 15 in.)
    Maximum Cutting Area Without Cutting Mat37 x 480 cm
    Cutting out graphics along the outlineYes (the possible margin of error is 1/16 in.)
    Unit Dimensions64,2 x 12,4 x 17,6 cm
    Unit Weight5,73 kg
    Mat formatA4 (8x12 inch), 38x42cm, 30,5x30,5cm (12x12 inch), 30,5x61cm (12x24 inch)
    Free designs100


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    Made by: Michał Desol