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Colop E-mark Ruler

SKU: 9004362520528

The Colop E-mark ruler allows you to guide the E-mark printer perfectly straight along the printed surface.

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The product includes the following elements:




Colop E-mark Ruler makes it easy to create a simple print on the surface of the material with Colop E-mark printer. Additionally, it allows you to print on difficult/uneven items where the sensor can detect issues such as narrow edges.

To facilitate precise work, the ruler has a recess on the side that allows the additional use of a traditional ruler. This allows you to determine the distance between prints precisely down to the millimeter. Like the guides for the E-mark, the COLOP E-mark ruler can be used together with consumables from the COLOP E-mark product range.

Print area: 18 mm high, 159 mm wide


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