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Colop E-mark - Tri-color Cartridge

SKU: 9004362524007

Colop E-mark - Tri-color Cartridge dedicated to E-mark and E-mark Create devices. It allows you to use the ink in the printer for longer without the risk of it drying out.

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The product includes the following elements:




A special cartridge for E-mark and E-mark Create devices with three-color water-based ink was developed for individual users. Extremely easy to use, requires minimal cleaning.

The Colop E-mark - Tri-color Cartridge remains reliable even with occasional use, ensuring excellent results from the first use. Additionally, the e-mark can be used outside the docking station for a longer time without the ink drying out.

The Colop E-mark color cartridge offers up to 1,500 prints in a full range of colors and excellent quality and color saturation. Suitable for marking absorbent surfaces such as paper, fabric, plywood or cardboard.

Note: Cartridge C2 works with E-mark from software version 2.1.2. In the case of an older version, E-mark will not recognize the ink and a software update will be necessary.

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