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Colop E-mark Create Printer

SKU: 9004362519911

Colop E-mark Create Printer is a unique, hand-held device for marking paper, fabrics and many other materials.

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The product includes the following elements:


E-mark Create Printer


User Manual




USB Cable




The Colop E-mark Create printer is a mobile device that allows you to create multi-color prints on almost any absorbent surface, such as: documents, envelopes, books, paper bags, textile tapes, cardboard, plywood, textiles or cork. This marking device is very easy and intuitive to use, so it is perfect for many creative businesses! Despite its small size, the device has a print quality of up to 600 dpi!

What can the Colop E-mark Create printer be used for?

The Colop E-mark Create printer is perfect for many creative industries, including scrapbooking studios for creating inscriptions on envelopes, cards or pendants.
Using this hand-held printer, it is also possible to mark clothes or print on ribbons. The ink can also be printed on special paper for iron-on transfers and permanently ironed onto the material.

Prints on absorbent surfaces:

  • Plain paper 
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric 
  • Wood 
  • Cork
  • Dry wall 
  • Photographic paper 
  • Napkin 
  • Felt

Print Size:

1-line printout with maximum dimensions: 14 mm x 150 mm*

2-line printout with total dimensions: approx. 28 mm x 75 mm

3-line printout with total dimensions: approx. 42 mm x 50 mm

*E-mark allows you to obtain patterns with surfaces up to 150mm long.
This surface can be further enlarged by using the reflection repeatability option, a function that allows printing on a long surface or around the perimeter of the packaging.

E-mark Create application

The E-mark application comes with ready-made designs, each of which can be edited. Additionally, it is possible to create a new project containing text and graphics. The E-mark app allows you to send your design directly to your device with just one click!

The E-mark application includes a number of functions, such as continuous marking, i.e. printing repeated graphics along the entire length of the document, packaging or even ribbon. The graphics in the application are compiled in the clipart collection. Additionally, you can add your own graphics in .jpg and .png format to the project.

Appropriate setting allows printing from two positions: centered or sideways, especially recommended for printing on labels.

The free application in Polish is available for Android and IOS platforms.

Mark whatever you want, wherever you want and exactly the way you want!



Unit Dimensions11,1 x 7,6 x 7,3 cm
Unit Weight224,5 g
Power consumption10 W
Optimal printing speed100mm/s
Maximum printing speed300mm/s
Print quality 600 dpi


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Made by: Michał Desol