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Cricut Permanent Smart Vinyl - Glitter Silver - 90cm

SKU: 093573979224

Cricut Permanent Smart Vinyl - Glitter Silver - 90cm allows you to create beautiful, personalized designs to stick on various surfaces. Thanks to the foils, you can make your own stickers, inscriptions and many other self-adhesive patterns.

59,99zł incl. tax

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The product includes the following elements:


Roll of Foil

Permanent, with dimensions 33 cm x 90 cm.


Sheet of Transfer Tape

Sheet with dimensions 30,5 cm x 30,5 cm.


Cricut Permanent Smart Vinyl - Glitter Silver - 90cm ideal for cutting with Cricut plotters. With it, you can create shiny stickers for walls or display windows, and also decorate boxes, cups or flowerpots with inscriptions. Smart Vinyl foil is ideal for use with the new models of Cricut Maker 3 and Explore 3 plotters. It can be cut without using a plotter mat, which allows you to create even larger projects. Enjoy an easy and quick creation process with the foil-specific settings in Cricut Design Space. You can also use the foil with plotters from other companies, such as Silhouette, Brother or Skycut.

The set includes a sheet of transfer foil measuring 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm. Thanks to it, you can quickly and easily transfer the cut pattern to the selected surface.

  • After cutting, remove unnecessary pieces of foil and use scissors to cut the transfer foil to a size larger than your design.
  • Stick the foil onto Smart Vinyl and press firmly. You can use a scraper for this purpose. 
  • Then peel off the backing so that the pattern remains on the foil and transfer it to the selected item.
  • Finally, remove the transfer foil.

Dishwasher wash:

  • Items decorated with permanent silver Smart Vinyl foil can be washed in the dishwasher. For maximum durability, follow these tips:
  • Make sure the foil design is applied to a dishwasher safe surface. Please consult the manufacturer for details.
  • Make sure the surface of the item is clean - free of dirt or adhesive residue from stickers or price tags.
  • Make sure the surface of your project is completely dry before applying the foil. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth and then leave to dry completely.
  • When applying the pattern, make sure there are no bubbles or folds in it.
  • Leave the design for 24-48 hours after application so that the foil sticks well to the surface. Washing dishes in advance may reduce the durability of the foil.
  • Wash only on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Avoid additional washing cycles with increased temperatures or steam.
  • You can use liquid, powder and capsule detergents.
  • The product is not approved for contact with food.


Material dimensions33 x 90 cm
Printable SurfaceNo
CuttingWithout mat, With mat

Compatible devices

You can use this product with the following devices:


Silhouette Cameo 5


Silhouette Cameo 5 Plus


Silhouette Cameo 4


Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus


Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro


Silhouette Cameo 3


Silhouette Cameo 2


Silhouette Cameo 1


Cricut Maker 3


Cricut Explore 3


Cricut Maker 1


Cricut Explore Air 2


Skycut CX16


Skycut CX24


Skycut D24


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Made by: Michał Desol