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Silhouette Studio Designer and Business Edition - why is it worth it?

Each Silhouette plotter comes with free, basic Silhouette Studio software. It is used to transfer designs from the computer to the plotter, but with its many useful features it can also be used to design your own patterns, lettering, and also offers a vectorization tool. So why do I need its extended Designer or Business Edition versions? It's worth taking a look at both and comparing their capabilities and features.


The basic version will allow you to create a simple pattern, draw curves and geometric shapes, which can then be modified. Using the fonts available on the computer, we can also design an inscription, for example, for a topper, and group and merge individual letters. Wanting to use ready-made patterns designed for cutting, in the case of the basic version of the program, you need to download them from the manufacturer's store, which offers patterns in a format supported by Silhouette Studio. If you want to create patterns on your own in programs such as Inkscape, Illustrator or Affinity, you should get an extended version of Designer or Business that supports, among other things, the popular .svg format. The same goes for patterns purchased on third-party platforms offering vector graphics like Etsy or the Polish platform Cutting Space. This is just one of several reasons why you should opt for an extended version of Silhouette software.

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition


The ability to import files in formats such as .gsd, .dxf, .svg is often the main reason why the Designer Edition software extension is purchased. In addition, the program gains features such as the pipette tool, guides and layers. Previously available manipulation tools such as moving, rotating, scaling, aligning and duplicating are enhanced with shearing and bending which allows for more advanced design capabilities.

Also added is a movable pivot point, which previously was always in the center of a given element. Silhouette Designer Edition comes with advanced eraser and cutter tools. Also, the vectorization tool gains a higher level allowing even more accurate transformation of simple raster patterns.

Silhouette Studio Business Edition


This is the most developed version of Silhouette software. It has all the features of the base and Designer Edition, plus additional options, useful in running a business, but also in the daily use of cutting plotters. Very important is the ability to use the software on several devices simultaneously. This allows you to significantly speed up your work, which is especially important when orders arrive and orders become larger and larger. It is also worth noting the ability to import files in .dst, .exp, .jef, .xxx, .svg, .ai, .eps, .cdr or .pdf formats, and additionally the extension offers us the possibility to export graphics created and edited in the program in .svg*, .pdf and .jpeg formats.

! When using Business Edition, you can also use the option to make auxiliary cuts. It is especially useful when cutting transparencies, as it makes it easier to remove unnecessary parts of the material from the backing.

*Except for graphics purchased from Silhouette Design Store.

Why it's worth it.

At the beginning of the adventure with creating with a plotter, the basic version of the software definitely fulfills its role. It allows you to learn how to use the device while at the same time not overwhelming the new user with a multitude of functions for various uses. Thanks to the free patterns included with the device and the month-long free trial subscription to the Silhouette Store, there is also no need to use other platforms offering patterns in formats not supported by the basic version of Silhouette Studio. Over time, however, you'll feel more confident in making more designs, and you'll probably want to use files from platforms like Etsy, for example, or design patterns yourself in vector graphics programs. In that case, getting a program extension is even necessary. Admittedly, both extensions are paid, but this is a one-time investment. After all, when you buy Designer or Business Edition, you get a perpetual license.

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