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Muffin pics

A few years ago, muffin peaks surprised guests, today they are already an integral decoration of many parties. See how to prepare them with a Silhouette plotter.


What are piks?

Piks are small pieces of paper placed on a toothpick or similar stick that you can stick into muffins, cake pieces, or small snacks, for example.

Printable peaks usually include:

  • Information about the type of party - "Susie's birthday party", "18th birthday party".

  • Description of the food - "Muffins with chocolate", "Muffins with raspberries".

  • Additional labels for the food, especially useful if our guests have allergies to some ingredients or are vegetarians, for example - "vege", "lactose-free", "sugar-free"

In addition to the inscription, printable muffin peaks most often include additional graphics, for example, referring to the theme of the party.

How to make cupcake pickers?

Items needed

  • Paper about 250-300g

  • Toothpicks

  • Sticky tape

  • Plotter

You may also need:

  • Printer - to print the inscriptions and cut them out using the Print&Cut function.

  • Metallic foil - to create small inscriptions with a metallic effect. You can accurately cut out much smaller elements from foil than from paper, so it is ideal for decorating quilts. You can use creative foil, for example.

  • Zircons

  • Ribbons

  • 3D tape - for example, foam tape from a construction store




The base of a pika can be of various shapes. The most popular are round spades. Often a decorative frame is also added around them.

We will use the base shown next to it. How to design a similar shape can be found in our course on design.

Additional layers


Although the cupcake peaks are small it is worth creating several layers - it gives a much better effect!

We added an additional 2 clouds.


To get this shape at the beginning Combine several circles and a rectangle together.


Next, duplicate the circle from the base and slide it onto the shape created earlier. Select both elements and choose Intersection from the Modify panel.

Similarly, create a second layer.



Add an inscription to your muffin picks. To join the letters together, select the entire inscription and choose Merge.

Cutting and gluing

  1. Cut out all the elements from the appropriate color of papers and foil.

  2. Stick the layers on 3D tape.

  3. Stick the lettering using strong glue.

  4. On the back of the base with adhesive tape, glue the stick.

pik muffinki

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