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How to create a layered topper

Toppers are one of the most popular decorations when it comes to all kinds of celebrations. A birthday or wedding cake can be personalized in this simple way and make the celebration even more special. Today I want us to create together a layered topper in the shape of a shaker cat. It will be a great decoration for a birthday cake for a little admirer of shaggy pets.


To create my topper I will use the pattern available on the Cutting Space platform. You can use it for your own use or commercially. After downloading the pattern to the computer, I will select the appropriate colors of the paper sheets. You will also need a sheet of thin foil or a clear document shirt, and glue to connect all the elements. I will use Magic glue. For cutting, I will use a Silhouette Cameo 4 plotter.


I opted for colors similar to those suggested for the project on the platform. However, nothing prevents you from opting for other shades. It's a good idea to use a higher-weight paper so that the project is stiff enough. In my case it will be 250g.

I open the pattern in .svg format in Silhouette Studio. Designer or Business version is required to open this type of file. I then adjust the size of the pattern to my needs, keeping in mind that I need to scale all the elements at the same time to keep the proportions of the whole design correct. My kitty will be about 17cm tall. On the virtual mat I place the elements I intend to cut out first.


I glue a sheet of paper of the appropriate color onto the mat and load the material into the plotter. Once the work is done, I move on to cutting more parts. The blade settings should be adjusted according to the specific plotter model and the degree of blade wear. For my Cameo 4 it will be blade advance at 7, force at 20. The plotter will make 2 passes at speed 6.


It takes only a dozen minutes to cut. I organize the cut pieces on the fly to make it easier for me to put them together later.


I start by gluing the most complicated part of the cat - the eyes. One by one, I glue white, green and black studs onto the black shapes with eyelashes. At the very top will be the smallest white pieces, imitating the sparkle in our cat's eyes. Then, one by one, I place more shapes on the cat shape and create a shaker box. The pattern comes with instructions, so I don't have a problem doing this.


Kitten and box ready. All you need to do is pour a little glitter or sequins inside. I, however, would like my kitty to have candy-shaped confetti in its tummy. I plan to create them in Silhouette Studio and cut them out with a plotter.


The shape was created by combining simple figures that I created in the program. I then combined them using the merge command. My candy is less than a centimeter long. I'm going to copy it and cut it out of celadon and pink paper.


They look really cute. This is a great alternative for those who care about filling a shaker with confetti in a custom shape and color. They can be hearts, flowers or stars.


After filling the box with paper candy, I connect the whole thing with Magic glue. The topper in the shape of a cat looks really great! All you need to do is to glue a stick or a toothpick to it and it can take its place on the little birthday girl's cake!

Making the topper was not exceptionally complicated. Thanks to the instructions included with the pattern, the whole thing was easy and fun to make. A cake decoration made this way, tailored to the birthday boy's tastes or hobbies, will make the celebration even more special!


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