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First cut with Silhouette Cameo 4 plotter

How to create your own layered sticker using adhesive paper and a cutting plotter? For those who have no problems with this, I have prepared a free flower pot pattern in Studio format for download. And for those who have not yet tried to make a similar design, I have additionally prepared step-by-step instructions on how to cut it out and then stick it on the surface of your choice.


The pattern can be made from any self-adhesive paper, foil or colored paper. I will use a set of self-adhesive papers that came with Silhouette Cameo 4, Plus and Pro plotters as part of the February 2023 promotion. The set includes 12 sheets of 30.5×30.5cm adhesive paper in six colors - orange, beige, dark pink, green, lime green and mint. I'll use my trusty Silhouette Cameo 4 plotter for cutting, and for this model I've also chosen the cutting settings that came with the promotional set of papers on the label.

Now that we have the cutting material, the cutting plotter and the free pattern, it's time to get to work!

Cutting the elements

I open the downloaded pattern in the Silhouette Studio program. In the program settings, I choose to cut without a mat, since the adhesive paper has a backing, and I set the size of the material to 30.5×30.5cm.


A flower in a pot 1Download


I customize the dimensions of the design according to your needs. Be sure to stretch the design by marking all elements. Otherwise you will lose the right proportions and the different shapes may not fit together.


Then I prepare the plotter for work. If you have an automatic blade, it will adjust the settings according to those you enter later in the program. If, on the other hand, you have a manual blade - set its extension to 4. I extend the plotter rollers to a width that will allow you to enter a 30.5cm wide sheet of paper and load the material. In my case, the first to go under the knife will be the color pink.

In the program, I position the element I want to cut in the upper-left corner of the sheet, then in the upper-right corner of the program I click "SEND" and set the "cut" option for the element. I move the others a bit lower for now and set the "no cut" option for them. Then I go to the settings.

I set the blade extension to 4, the force to 25, the transitions to 2 and the speed to 4. I click the blue SEND button in the lower right corner of the program.


The plotter should start cutting the first element, which in my case is the petals of the flower. If the cutting went correctly, the shape should easily peel off the backing. My sticker was cut perfectly, so I leave it on the backing, load another sheet in the color of my choice and continue cutting.

I select another element to cut out and in the MODEL tab I move it to the upper left corner of the sheet. The shape I have already cut out I move it down. In the SEND tab, I set the "cut" option for the shape I will be cutting, and set "no cut" for all the others.


I repeated the steps for all the elements. I used pink for the petals, beige for the pot, dark green for the decorative zigzag, orange for the center of the flower, and cut out the leaves in lime green.

Applying layers


The elements of my sticker are ready. A flower in a pot will decorate the cover of my sketchbook. All that remains is to stick the shapes in the right order.


I put the leaves on the cover of the sketchbook first. It is important to remember the correct order of applying the elements - when layering stickers, always start with the layer that is at the very bottom.


The next layers are the petals and the center of the flower. The texture and thickness of the paper give the sticker spatiality.


I was left to put a beige pot and a decorative zigzag on the cover of the sketchbook.

Final result


The sticker is ready and this is how it looks on the cover of my sketchbook. It will also be perfect as a greeting card or scrapbook decoration! You can choose the colors according to your preferences. You can also adjust the size and create both small stickers and a larger design, for example, to put on a window. If you like the design, you can download it for free!

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