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Cricut - which blade to choose?

Are you the lucky owner of a Cricut brand plotter? You probably already have many plans and interesting projects to make with it. However, before you start creating you need to get the necessary materials and accessories. So it looks like you still have a few important choices ahead of you. One of them will be to choose the right blade.



Cricut offers a number of interesting accessories, each of which has different functions and will allow us to achieve different types of effects in the work we perform. That's why it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specifications of each of them, so you can get the most out of your device. This also applies to blades. They have different uses and capabilities.

Premium blade


If your choice was a Cricut brand plotter, you probably already have the premium blade included in the kit. This is more than enough to start your plotter adventure. The blade is made of high quality materials which gives it exceptional durability. It can handle cutting paper, parchment, vinyl, flex, flock film, printable iron-on materials, thin fabrics, leather and cardboard. It is compatible with Maker, Maker 3, Explore, Explore One, Air, Air 2 and Explore 3 models.

Fabric blade


As the name suggests, this is the accessory you need if your main goal is to cut various types of fabrics with backing. It can even handle cutting pieces in cotton, silk, polyester, cerate, denim, felt or jute. It can be used with Maker, Maker 3 and Explore, Explore One, Air, Air 2 and Explore 3 plotters.

Deep cutting blade


If you intend to cut in thicker materials, for example, foamiran, magnetic film, silicone material for stamps or neoprene, it is worth getting a deep-cutting blade. It is made of durable metal alloy, and the 60° angle tip allows you to cut up to 1.7mm deep.

Knife Blade


It will be great for cutting in thicker but softer materials. It can handle foam, cardboard, leather or even balsa up to about 2mm. It is recommended to cut details no smaller than 19mm to keep their proper shape. The blade is compatible with Cricut Maker and Maker 3 plotters.

Rotary blade


Very useful when the plotter is to serve you when cutting out cuts for sewing mascots, bags, original applications or clothes. You can also use it to use the patterns available in the Cricut library just for sewing and create many interesting projects! The blade fits Maker and Maker 3 plotters.

These are already all the plotter blades that Cricut offers. I hope this short article will make it easier for you to make the right choice that meets your needs. In addition to blades, the manufacturer offers interesting bits that you can use for corrugated cutting, creating perforations, creasing or debossing. It's worth searching for information about them once you've mastered cutting in all sorts of materials with your plotter.

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