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Cricut Maker 3

The new Maker 3 model from Cricut will soon appear on the shelves of our store. See how the new device differs from the well-known Crcut Maker and what new features have been added to it.


About Maker models

Cricut currently offers 3 series of plotters: the Joy, Explore and Maker. The last of these is by far the most extensive model with tremendous capabilities. The Maker series plotters have the ability to cut in more than 300 different materials thanks to the multitude of tools that can be used with them. These are plotters made for all creative artists allowing them to cut in paper and film, as well as fabric, felt or even balsa!

What does the Cricut Maker 3 look like?

The new plotter will initially be available in a beautiful blue color. The appearance of the plotter differs slightly from the older model.

An inscription with the model name has been added on the blade carriage. The buttons for operating the device have also been changed. On the new model, a button depicting the typical "Play" triangle instead of the Cricut logo is used to start cutting.

maker 3

Want to see what this plotter looks like while cutting and learn all its capabilities? Be sure to watch this short video:

What's new with the Cricut Maker 3 model?

Cutting without a mat

By far the most important feature of the new device is matless cutting. This feature has long been introduced among other brands' plotters, but as of today, Cricut users can also take advantage of all the benefits it brings!

Cricut Maker 3 can cut materials with backing (Smart Materials) up to 3.5 meters without using a plotter mat! This makes it possible to quickly and conveniently cut in self-adhesive foil (Oracal), or for creating iron-on labels (flex and flock).


Cutting self-adhesive film without a mat

Foil feeder

You can additionally buy a dedicated film feeder for the plotter, which allows you to use rolls of up to 22.8 meters in length. The feeder has a built-in film cutter that allows the material to be cut off evenly after cutting. The feeder is not compatible with the older Maker model.

Cutting speed

Both the new Maker 3 and Explore 3 have a much faster mechanism. Cutting speed has been increased by 2x compared to the previous model.

What won't change?


The new Cricut Maker 3 plotter will still use the same tools as the Cricut Maker. This means that if you already own an older model you can use all the tools and bits you have already purchased with the new device.

This means that with the new plotter you will be able to use:

  • standard and premium blades - for cutting paper and film

  • markers - for sketching

  • rotary blade - for cutting fabric and felt

  • Knife Blade - for cutting thicker materials such as balsa

  • embossing tools

  • engraving tips

  • creasing tools (single or double)

  • corrugated blades

  • blades for perforation

In addition, Cricut has no plans to create any new blades or tips compatible only with the Cricut Maker 3.

Cutting power

Both Maker models have the same cutting force. As a result, they cut in exactly the same materials.


Equipment differences

Znaczną różnicą między modelami Maker jest wyposażenie z jakim otrzymujesz ploter. W przypadku nowego modelu producent zrezygnował z dodawania maty do cięcia na rzecz większej ilości testowych materiałów podkładowych. Możesz ich od razu użyć z urządzeniem i łatwo wyciąć pierwsze wzory. Jednakże jeżeli planujesz wycinanie w papierze podczas zakupów koniecznie zakup do plotera również matę do cięcia.

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker 3

Premium blade

Premium blade

30x30cm mat with strong adhesive

30x30cm mat with standard glue

Rotary blade

Black thin pen

50 free patterns

Test materials (for cutting without mat)

50 darmowych wzorów

100 free patterns

Equipment comparison

If you are considering buying one of the Cricut Maker models it is worth considering the differences above. If your main application is to cut film, choose the Maker 3, while if you plan to cut mainly papers and fabrics the more cost-effective option will be the Cricut Maker model that has all the necessary accessories.

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