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cameo 4 vs cameo 5


So far, the flagship model of the Silhouette manufacturer, the Cameo 4 plotter, has been the most frequently chosen device in our store. Its popularity is due to a range of advantages such as versatility, functionality, Polish language software, availability of numerous educational materials, and the ability to use various papers, markers, or foils regardless of their manufacturer. Therefore, can the new Cameo 5 model surprise us? Is it still worth investing in the older plotter? I will try to discuss and compare the similarities, differences, and novelties proposed by the manufacturer with the existing capabilities of the Cameo 4.



While not the most crucial feature of a cutting plotter, comparing the appearance of both models at the beginning will facilitate orientation in the further part of the article, especially for individuals who do not yet own any of the mentioned devices. Additionally, when planning your dream studio or workstation at home, the aesthetics of the machines that will be included in it are not insignificant.

Cameo 4

In the case of the older Cameo 4 model, we get a plotter with simple shapes. This allows for optimal utilization of the device's dimensions (57 cm x 19 cm x 17 cm), in the body of which there is a built-in foil feeder discreetly hidden in the front of the base. The plotter is available in three colors - white, black, and pink.

cameo 4cameo 4

Cameo 5

In the case of the new Cameo model, the manufacturer opted for a more rounded shape and reduced the size of the device (56.6 cm x 17.6 cm x 12.4 cm). As a result, the whole looks more delicate, although these measures were not without significance, for example for the feeder, which is attached to the machine as a separately stored accessory. Cameo 5 is available in white, black, pink, and new - marbled colors.

cameo 4 vs cameo 5


Several years ago, new generation tools were created for the Cameo 4 plotter. They are also compatible with completely new models, including Cameo 5. This is good news mainly for users of the previous model who will want to exchange it for a new device and already have some accessories. This applies to blades, tools (for example, a universal marker holder), as well as cutting mats. As for the functions, both models will handle cutting paper up to about 300g, self-adhesive foils, flex and flock, sketching, cutting prints using the Print & Cut function, and using the Pixscan mat. The software for operating the plotter, Silhouette Studio, also remains unchanged. Of course, for new plotters, you need to download the appropriate program update, but the interface, method of importing, creating, editing, and sending files remains largely unchanged.

cameo 5


Regarding novelties, the manufacturer also modified the carriage of the plotter. While the first holder remained unchanged, the second gained the ability to cooperate with new accessories such as a dedicated tool for gilding, calligraphy, and scoring. Cameo 5 also offers the possibility of connecting an electrostatic platform, which allows for cutting patterns in paper without the need to use a mat covered with adhesive. This is a great solution, especially for cutting openwork patterns. It allows for convenient removal of the finished project from the mat without the risk of damaging it. Cleaning the mat surface from unnecessary elements remaining after cutting is also exceptionally easy. After turning off the electrostatic field, just sweep away the remnants of the material, and you're done. Silhouette Cameo 5 has also been redesigned to make work quieter. If the sounds of the Cameo 4 were bothersome for you until now, it's worth trying the new model.



Until now, to perform gilding, you had to purchase a set from We R Memory Keepers, i.e. We R Foil Quill. This set is also compatible with the Cameo 5 model, but the manufacturer offers a slightly more convenient solution in the form of a dedicated gilding set. The gilding power tool does not have a cable and is operated from Silhouette Studio. This ensures ease of use and greater control over the process than before. The tool is compatible only with the latest generation plotters.



The modified carriage allows you to use a new marker holder, which allows you to sketch with both fineliners and thicker markers, and with special markers it allows you to create calligraphy-like inscriptions. Thanks to this, you can design original cards, invitations and ornaments.



Embossing allows you to additionally diversify your designs with unique decorations, but also to create an aesthetic fold line that facilitates the creation of cards, 3D sculptures or vignettes. To properly emboss, you must purchase a dedicated embossing mat.


Electrostatic platform

This is an innovative solution that allows patterns to be cut out without the need for an adhesive-coated mat. This makes it easier to remove even openwork patterns from the platform surface without the risk of damaging them.


Roll spacing

With the Cameo 4, the rollers could be set to a width suitable for rolls measuring about 23 and 30.5 cm. The Cameo 5 offers a wider range of roll spacing, so it is also possible to cut narrower sections of film without the need for a mat.

Is it still worth investing in the Cameo 4?

The capabilities of the new Silhouette Cameo 5 model are very tempting, but before making a final decision, it is worth asking yourself what you intend to use the plotter for. This is especially relevant if you are on a tight budget. The Silhouette Cameo 4 model is not inferior to its successor in cutting paper, self-adhesive or flex films. In addition, the built-in feeder and cutter can prove to be its big advantage if you care about cutting materials directly from the roll, but do not have space to store an additional accessory. In addition, keep in mind that this is a tried-and-true device loved by many users.

If you are a beginner in handicrafts, it may be all the more important that a lot of educational and instructional materials have been created for the Cameo 4, including our videos on the YouTube platform and original courses. The information contained in them will mostly work well for the Cameo 5 as well, but the new features and tools will require weeks of testing before there is such a rich knowledge base about it, until then many solutions will have to be tested on their own.
The new model is a great choice if you know that new features such as gilding, embossing or the ability to use an electrostatic mat will be useful to you. This allows you to take full advantage of the machine's potential.


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