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Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

SKU: 093573793547

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit allows you to create unique metallic effects using Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker.

229,00zł incl. tax

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The product includes the following elements:


3 Gilding Tips

Thin, standard and thick.




12 Sheets of Foil

6 silver and 6 gold sheets with dimensions 10.1 cm x 15.2 cm.


4 Sheets of Tape


The Cricut gilding kit allows you to press the foil into the paper to get a shiny, metallic effect. Perfect for creative handicrafts and scrapbooking. Add some glitter to your cards, boxes, or home decorations. Using Foil Transfer by Cricut, you can also create exclusive vignettes and pendants with golden inscriptions. Using the gilding tools requires Design Space installed on your computer. The tools are not compatible with the mobile application.

The Cricut gilding kit includes 3 gilding tips. Each has a different thickness to achieve many unique effects. The tips are interchangeable in the universal fitting. The thin tip is ideal for creating inscriptions or delicate ornaments. You can use the standard tip for most jobs, and the thick tip is best for creating shape fills.

How to do gilding:

  • In Cricut Design Space (on your computer), design the pattern of your choice.
  • Select “Foil” as the action to let the plotter know which part of the design is to be foiled.
  • Stick a sheet of paper on the mat, and then place a dedicated gilding foil on it.
  • Tape the foil firmly to the paper. Make sure the foil is not creased or wavy.
  • According to the instructions in the program, place the appropriate tip in the mount, and then the entire tool in the plotter holder.
  • The plotter will do the gilding.
  • Without removing the mat from the plotter, you can also cut out shapes from the sheet to create decorations along with a gilded sketch.

Check the video:

Compatible devices

You can use this product with the following devices:


Cricut Maker 3


Cricut Explore 3


Cricut Maker 1


Cricut Explore Air 2


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Made by: Michał Desol