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xTool M1 Hybrid Plotter

SKU: 6928819514997

xTool M1 Hybrid Plotter is a revolutionary device that, thanks to the combination of the functions of a laser and knife plotter, offers an unprecedented range of possibilities. Thanks to blade cutting, you can cut elements from paper, various types of foil, thin leather or felt. The laser will allow you to cut plywood or leather and engrave on many materials, including rubber, glass, wood and many others.


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The product includes the following elements:


xTool M1 Hybrid Plotter


Standard Tack Cutting Mat


Strong Tack Cutting Mat


5 45° Blades


Test materials kit


Ventilation pipe installation kit


10 Triangular Prism


The xTool M1 hybrid plotter is a unique device that combines the functions and advantages of a knife and laser plotter, while remaining within the reach of most craftsmen, both in terms of simplicity of use and dimensions and security features that allow it to be used even in the comfort of home. If you are looking for a machine that can cut paper, vinyl, flex and flock foils, but can also cut various types of materials up to 10 mm thick or engrave, the xTool M1 hybrid plotter will certainly meet your requirements. In addition, an intuitive, easy-to-use program, real-time project preview thanks to an innovative solution such as a built-in camera, as well as a rich database of ready-made manufacturer's patterns and a tool for creating your own projects make xTool M1 a great choice even for people just starting their adventure with laser cutting.

xTool plotter capabilities

Using the blades available in two variants - 45' and 60' - you can cut paper up to approx. 300g, thin, good quality felt, self-adhesive foil, flex thermal foil or thin leather. This will allow you to create projects that so far could only be implemented using knife plotters.

The laser allows cutting in materials such as bamboo up to 2 mm, colored acrylic up to 3 mm*, selected wood species and plywood up to 3 mm. It can also engrave various types of patterns on the previously mentioned materials, as well as on glass*, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, paper, rubber and leather. *cutting acrylic is only possible in selected colors, such as green, red or magenta. Some colors may discolor the edges or may appear uneven. For cutting transparent and mirror acrylic, we recommend a CO2 laser plotter, for example the FLUX Beamo model. *engraving on glass and transparent acrylic is possible after covering the surface with a layer of black tempera paint.

Thanks to the combination of these functions, you do not have to face the dilemma that many craftsmen have encountered so far when choosing the right device for themselves and hesitate between a knife and a laser plotter. xTool M1 will cut both paper bases for cards, invitations, iron-on transfers from flex foil and vinyl stickers, as well as toppers from harder and more durable materials such as thin plywood or balsa.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the capabilities of the device, please contact our advisors via our hotline at 32 441 28 83.

Small dimensions, safety and aesthetic appearance in one!

The hybrid plotter was created for people who create in small studios or even in the privacy of their home. Therefore, it is equipped with a series of safeguards and solutions that protect the user against the negative effects of laser cutting and engraving. This is mainly about the tightly closed plotter housing. The cover filters blue light, which helps protect your eyes, and the built-in exhaust fan allows you to suck in sparks and discharge dust and exhaust gases through a special pipe outside the room or to a dedicated filter with replaceable cartridges. Thanks to this, the risk of exposure to any potentially harmful factors when using a hybrid plotter is minimized to almost zero. The dimensions of 557 x 446 x 230 mm are small for a device offering so many possibilities and will allow you to use the space necessary for storage and work even in a small area, and the weight of only 9.8 kg means that moving the equipment should not be too big either. problem. When using a laser plotter, it is necessary to discharge the resulting exhaust gases outside the building using the pipe included in the set or into a separate ventilation duct; if this is not possible, you can use a dedicated filter. You can read more about safety rules on our blog .

xTool M1 is an extremely versatile and safe tool, but you cannot ignore the aesthetic design of the manufacturer. Made of high-quality materials, the plotter does not resemble industrial machines previously available on the market, but rather craft devices that match the decor of home studios. If you want to maintain the elegant character of your workplace, the modern design of xTool M1 will be a significant advantage for you.

Smart camera

This is an innovative solution that allows you to preview the design in the working field in real time, so you can freely arrange the pattern for cutting or engraving on the material placed inside the device.

This will save you a lot of time and gain precision that has been almost unattainable before! Additionally, the device is equipped with Autofocus, which automatically adjusts the material thickness.

Intuitive and easy-to-use software

The software included with the xTool M1 hybrid plotter is characterized by exceptionally intuitive operation and accessibility. The xTool Creative Space program works with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This ensures flexibility of use and the ability to operate the machine from both stationary devices and smartphones. Additionally, the software offers tools useful for designing your own patterns and 500 ready-made designs with the possibility of editing for use in the library. Currently, the software can be operated in English, while our team is working on translating the software into Polish, which will be available in the coming months.

Easily accessible training materials

In addition to the clear instructions attached to the device and a catalog of engraving and cutting materials, the manufacturer provides many useful training materials, including videos, allowing you to start working with the machine from scratch.

Possibility to use a rotating module

If you are interested in engraving cylindrical objects, you can purchase a rotary module available in our store, which you can easily install inside the device, and thanks to the step-by-step instructions, you can easily start engraving and create unique, personalized items.



  • 2 years


ConnectionWi-fi, USB
SoftwarexTool Creative Space
Unit Dimensions55,7 x 44,6 x 23 cm
Unit Weight9,8 kg
Working area38,5 x 30 cm
Laser Power10W
Speed160 mm/s
Cutting0 - 10 mm


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Made by: Michał Desol