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xTool M1 RA2 Pro Rotary

xTool M1 RA2 Pro Rotary is a great addition to the xTool M1 hybrid plotter, allowing you to engrave cylindrical, ball or rim-shaped objects, such as cups, glasses, rings, thermoses or Christmas baubles. Easy to use, made of high-quality materials and offering many new possibilities, the module will allow you to create dedicated products for your loved ones and customers.

1199,99zł incl. tax

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The product includes the following elements:


Module Base


4 Risers


User Manual




Jaw Chuck Components


Support Module


Tail Module


Double-step Jaw Components


Single-step Jaw Components


Stud Components




xTool M1 RA2 Pro Rotary is a great addition to a xTool M1 hybrid plotter. It will allow you to cut and engrave rounded objects, expanding the scope of the machine's capabilities while also allowing you to expand the range of products made with it. Thanks to the many available auxiliary materials created by the manufacturer, operating the rotary module should not pose any problems, and items made with it, such as personalized cups, thermoses, baubles, rings or jars, will be characterized by high quality and durability of the designs.

Easy to use and a rich database of training materials

The xTool manufacturer offers not only extremely versatile devices, including our M1 model, but also many training materials in the form of brochures and videos that make it easier to start your adventure with xTool products. This also applies to the RA2 PRO rotary module, which, despite many replaceable elements and a very wide range of applications, is intuitive and easy to use not only thanks to its design, but also to clear instructions containing tips on how to use this unique device.

Possibilities of the RA2 PRO

The set contains interchangeable elements that allow you to engrave objects of various sizes, both cylindrical, spherical and more irregular, for example mugs and thermos flasks with slanted walls or champagne glasses with a thin stem. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities.

Chuck Rotary

Compatible with both straight-walled cups, even those with handles, as well as jars, thermos flasks and other cylindrical objects. We can choose from two sets of jaws with a delicate finish that protects objects against damage.

Roller Rotary

Thanks to the use of rotating rollers and a leveling stand, you can engrave objects with a less regular shape. The leveling stand will support the tip of the item and ensure proper positioning during engraving.

Sphere Rotary

Do you dream of dedicated baubles or beads? Or maybe you have other ball-shaped items with a diameter of 25mm to 10cm that you want to personalize? You can make them using a module with an appropriate handle!

Ring Rotary

Decorative jewelry, rings, bracelets or hoops with a diameter of 11 to 70 mm can be even more unique if you engrave them with a dedication, a decorative ornament or a commemorative date!


You can engrave objects made of wood, glass, rubber, acrylic, stainless steel, plywood or stone, and this is not the end of the possibilities of the xTool M1 hybrid plotter, which, combined with the rotary module, will allow you to give free rein to your creativity and create unique and unique products for yourself, your loved ones or on request!

Compatible devices

You can use this product with the following devices:


xTool M1


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