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Cricut Knife Blade Replacement Kit

SKU: 093573972416

Cricut Knife Blade Replacement Kit allows you to replace the cutting tip in the Knife Blade handle without having to purchase the entire blade.

89,99zł incl. tax

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The product includes the following elements:


Safety Changing Cap


Replacement Blade


The Knife Blade replaceable blade allows you to cut thicker materials with your Cricut plotter, which may dull the knife over time. The replacement blade for the Knife Blade allows you to replace the cutting tip without having to purchase a handle.
Requires a dedicated Knife Blade holder for use.
The blade cannot be placed in the QuickSwap holder.

Cuts in materials such as: 

  • Balsa for 3/32" (2.38mm)
  • Linden tree up to 1/16″ (1.5mm)
  • Factory leather up to 7 oz (198.45g)
  • Apparel leather up to 5oz (141.75g)
  • Cricut 2mm chipboard
  • Board, 2 or 4 layers
  • Foam up to 3mm


  • Not recommended for cutting materials smaller than ¾"
  • Requires the use of Design Space software on a desktop or laptop computer.  Due to longer cutting times requiring a Bluetooth connection, Knife Blade designs are not compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • To ensure proper cuts, always turn off sleep mode on your computer before starting the cutting process.

Compatible devices

You can use this product with the following devices:


Cricut Maker 3


Cricut Maker 1


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Made by: Michał Desol