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Heat transfer accessories

Do you use a manual thermal press in your company or do you make thermal imprints as a hobby? In that case, thermal transfer accessories will be necessary for this. In the Wycinarnia.pl you will find a wide range of such products. Thanks to them, your products will be even more refined.

Accessories - heat transfer

Ordering appropriate materials for thermal transfer significantly affects the quality of products. In our offer you will find products such as:


Working with foil can be more pleasant and faster thanks to the use of appropriate accessories for thermal transfer. The hook allows for efficient operation even with small elements.

Sublimation papers

The choice of high-quality sublimation paper has a big impact on the effect of the work. It is worth choosing one that allows for perfect color reproduction. In our store's offer you will find products in A3 and A4 formats.

Thermal tapes

Are you wondering what thermal transfer accessories you will use to protect patterns during heat sealing? Thermal tape, which is resistant to high temperatures, will be perfect for this task. Choose a product that will not leave any traces on the products when peeling off.

Iron-on mats 

Did you know that with the right thermal transfer accessories you can make your work easier? Thanks to the press mat, you will eliminate possible moisture during the iron-on transfer. The product will protect the worktop against damage caused by high temperature. It is an ideal choice for both craftsmen and people making iron-on transfers as a hobby.

Sublimation mugs

Everything tastes better from a mug with a personalized design. This is a great gadget that allows you to increase brand awareness in the market. In our offer you will find mugs for sublimation with a smooth surface, thanks to which you can easily apply the selected pattern on them.

The choice of high-quality thermal transfer accessories allows you to obtain attractive products with great durability.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer for thermal transfer materials!

Made by: Michał Desol