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Cricut EasyPress Mat 30x30 cm

SKU: 093573368363

Cricut EasyPress Mat 30x30 cm designed to work with Cricut EasyPress for a flawless iron-on transfer, the innovative design eliminates moisture and directs heat to the design onto the iron, protecting your work surface from the damaging effects of heat and moisture.

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The product includes the following elements:


EasyPress Mat

Mat with dimensions 30 x 30 cm.


Cricut EasyPress Mat will be perfect for your workshop. Thanks to the interior consisting of several layers, it will provide insulation, reflect the heat released by the press and wick away moisture, making your designs durable and evenly adhering to the surface of the fabrics. The mat will protect the surface of your desk or table against high temperature and will avoid damage to the table top. Its small dimensions will allow you to store it even in a drawer.

Detailed Product Information:

  • A special inner liner wicks moisture away for clean, dry heating.
  • The foil membrane reflects heat away from your design and prevents moisture from penetrating, while the silicone foam provides insulation and protects your surface from heat damage.
  • A soft, protective lower barrier seals the layers together for perfect


Mat width12"
Mat length12"


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Made by: Michał Desol