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Filling with graphics - step by step

Did you know that in Silhouette Studio it is possible to fill any shape with graphics found on the Internet? See how you can easily do this to spice up your artwork.


Downloading graphics

You will need any raster graphics, i.e. files with extensions like JPG or PNG, among others, to fill in the pattern. You can find many of them online on sites such as Pixaby, Freepik, or Unsplash.

We will use an abstract design found on Freepik.

  1. First, download the graphic of your choice from the site.

  2. If you downloaded a zipped folder, extract it.

  3. Find the JPG or PNG file. You can delete the other files.


One-time fill graphics

  1. In the program, draw or select any shape from the library.

  2. Shrink the program window so that you can also see the folder where the graphic is located.

  3. Click on the image with the left mouse button and, while holding it down, drag the graphic into the program. Hover the cursor over the previously drawn shape so that the graphic fills the inside of the shape. Release the mouse button.


Adding graphics to the library

There is a library of fills available in the program that you can use. The graphics added there are remembered by the program, so you will be able to use them in different projects.

1. In the library, find the Patterns folder. As before, drag the pattern into the program and drop it in the fill library.


2. In the program, draw any pattern.
3. Open the Fill panel and go to the third tab - Pattern Fill. Then find the previously added pattern in it.
4. Select the drawn shape by clicking on it once with the left mouse button.
5. Click on the previously added fill in the open Fill panel so that its graphic is inside the pattern.


Finally, add other embellishments to your design to create a great design for Print&Cut. And if you haven't mastered the graphic cutting technique yet, check out our article on the subject or our author's course!


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