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Accessories for Silhouette plotters are indispensable tools for crafting enthusiasts and professionals alike. Among these tools are the hook, spatula, and scraper, each serving specific purposes to enhance your crafting experience.The hook tool is essential for delicately removing intricate pieces from your cut designs, ensuring precision and accuracy in your projects. Whether you're working with vinyl, paper, or other materials, the hook tool helps you achieve clean cuts and flawless results.The spatula tool aids in lifting and transferring delicate designs without damaging them. Its ergonomic design and sturdy construction make it ideal for handling various materials with ease, minimizing the risk of tears or creases. The scraper tool is invaluable for cleaning and smoothing surfaces after cutting. It effectively removes excess material and adhesive residue, ensuring a clean finish on your projects. Whether you're working on decals, stickers, or stencils, the scraper tool helps maintain the quality of your work.

Made by: Michał Desol