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Skycut V48

SKU: 5061145044842

Skycut V48 plotter is a professional cutting device with a width of 1240 mm. It is perfect for printing companies that create stickers or mark fabrics.

4849,00zł incl. tax

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Skycut WIFI Module




SignMaster Standard Software


The product includes the following elements:


Plotter with Stand


Software SignCut Pro 2 with manual

Free license for 3 months (Windows and Mac).


Power Cord


USB Cord


60° Blade


2 45° Blades




Blade Housing


The Skycut V48 plotter is a high-quality, professional cutting plotter. The device is dedicated to cutting foil straight from the roll, and its width of over 120 cm offers enormous possibilities. With its help, you can cut car foils, large stickers for walls or shop windows. We recommend cutting paper to A3 plus format.

Plotter capabilities

The Skycut V48 plotter is an excellent plotter for professional use - perfect for small and medium-sized companies. See its possibilities and see how it can make your work easier and faster!

Cutting prints

Skycut plotters have a built-in high-quality camera that allows cutting prints. The technology used ensures high precision and cutting speed.

The camera can read tags in any color, printed on many different materials, such as: papers, reflective foils, vinyl, flex, flock, or even transparent foil sheets.

Touch screen

The device has a high-sensitivity color touch screen. It allows for easy operation of the device by providing the most important functions of the Skycut V48 plotter. It includes operations such as repeating the last action or multiple pattern duplication. Thanks to this option, you can set the repetition based on the table grid by selecting the number of columns and rows, as well as the distance between the repeated patterns.

Foil cutting

The Skycut V48 plotter is an excellent device for cutting self-adhesive and thermal transfer foil (flex and flock). Thanks to its large working area, the plotter is perfect for mass production of stickers and iron-on transfers. This also opens up the possibility of cutting out multi-format designs - stickers for cars, walls or shop windows.

The cutting precision of the plotter is up to +/- 0.01 mm, which makes it an excellent choice for companies that care about the quality of their products. The plotter is perfect for cutting even small inscriptions from foil.

Convenient connection with the plotter

You can connect to the device via a USB cable or send cutting files directly from a USB memory stick. Thanks to this, you can easily operate the device using almost any computer.

Skycut plotters also have a WIFI connection option. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about placing the plotter near the computer or pulling cables across the studio. Using an additional module (sold separately), you can send jobs to the plotter using your company WIFI network.


Skycut plotters can be operated using the following programs:

  • SignMaster – perpetual license – Windows
  • SignCut Pro 2 (free 3 months) – Windows, Mac
  • Adobe Illustrator (free plug-in)* - Windows
  • CorelDraw (free plugin)** - Windows
  • Sure Cuts A Lot
  • Flexi 12

*Works with Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Illustrator 2015, Adobe Illustrator 2017, Adobe Illustrator 2018, Adobe Illustrator 2019, Adobe Illustrator 2020, Adobe Illustrator 2021. Plugin in development phase, with limited functionality.

**Plugin under development, with limited functionality.

Plugins for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw are in the development phase and currently have limited functionality and do not allow you to use the full capabilities of the plotter, therefore we recommend using the Sign Master program to fully support Skycut plotters.

System requirements of programs consistent with the specifications of the selected plotter program. We recommend purchasing the Sign Master program additionally due to the perpetual license and greater availability of training materials. The Sign Master program allows you to operate the plotter from Windows. If you purchase the Sign Master program, you will also receive a 100-page Polish-language user course in PDF format, thanks to which you will learn how to use the device, select the correct cutting settings and cut out prints.


  • 24 months for private persons and companies

  • Specification

    ConnectionUSB, Wi-fi
    SoftwareSign Cut, Sign Cut Pro 2, Flexi 12, Sure Cuts A Lot, SignMaster (paid extra)
    CuttingWith mat, Without mat
    Unit Dimensions162 x 36 x 39 cm
    Unit Weight39 kg
    Speed0 - 600 mm/s
    Memory128 MB
    Maximum media width1350 mm
    Maximum cutting width1240 mm
    Maximum prints cutting width1200 mm
    Cutting Precision+/- 0,01 mm
    Sound Intensity75 dB
    Skycut V48


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    Made by: Michał Desol