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Foil Quill

How to make your work even more attractive? Gold may be the answer. Thanks to beautifully shimmering foils, even the simplest pattern will be able to stand out among others. Choose the materials and tools we offer to conveniently create gold-plated designs - with Silhouette, Brother plotters or by hand.

How can gilding techniques be used?

This way of decorating can add elegance to any project. They are great for creating applied art - e.g. invitations, posters or greeting cards. It is thanks to gilding techniques that our projects gain nobility. In this case, manual techniques of applying the foil, which give a more organic and artistic effect, can be especially effective. The use of a plotter is recommended whenever you care about precision above all. This method is used, for example, when gilding scrapbooking or preparing the already mentioned utility graphics. This technique is also useful when you want to achieve repeatable results when creating several or even dozens of similar elements.

Elegant gilding scrapbooking and more - what do we offer?

Thanks to the products available in our offer, you can make effective gilding on any work of your authorship. We offer both complete sets and individual accessories for making decorations. Choose a tip to draw thick or thin lines or fill entire shapes with a shimmering foil. Go for a traditional gold color or go for silver or fashionable rose gold. It's up to you what you create with your tools for scrapbooking gilding and works made in other techniques. Check which Silhouette devices our tools are compatible with and let your imagination run wild! By choosing the accessories available in the Cutting Room, you will certainly not be disappointed with the effect they allow you to achieve or the convenience of their use.

Made by: Michał Desol