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Silhouette Power Engraver - Curio 2

SKU: 819177026085

Silhouette Power Engraver - Curio 2, thanks to its rotating tip, will create decorations on hard surfaces such as acrylic or metal tiles. The tool is only compatible with the Silhouette Curio 2 plotter.

189,99zł incl. tax

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The product includes the following elements:


Engraving Tool


The Silhouette Power Engraver - Curio 2 will allow you to make unique decorations on hard materials up to 2 cm thick. The tool is only compatible with the Silhouette Curio 2 plotter, which, thanks to a specially modernized carriage, can work on the surface of metallic sheets, acrylic tiles or silver clay elements.

Engraving is possible thanks to the appropriate pressure and the rotating tip of the tool. To keep the working surface clean, you should purchase a special tray for filings (sold separately), which should be placed in place of the electrostatic platform of the Curio 2 plotter. Thanks to the tray, you can easily clean up any material left after engraving.

Compatible devices

You can use this product with the following devices:


Silhouette Curio 2


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Made by: Michał Desol