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Silhouette Portrait 4 - Topper Set

Silhouette Portrait 4 - Topper Set is perfect for creating toppers and handicrafts in small companies and hobbyists. The set includes all the necessary tools and papers to start working with the device.

PLN 1,339.99 incl. tax



The product includes the following elements:




Cutting Mat

Standard tack, A4 format.


Cutting Mat

Strong tack, A4 format.




AC Adapter & Power Cord


User Manual


Our Original Guide


Free Silhouette Studio Software


50 Free Designs in Silhouette Studio


Free 1-Month Silhouette Design Store Basic Subscription


40 Sheets of Mirror Paper

20 sheets in gold and 20 sheets in silver color.


Odif 303

Permanent paper glue - 250ml.




E-book "Projektowanie bez tajemnic"

In Polish languge


Portrait 4 is a new version of the extremely popular and versatile hobby plotter from Silhouette. The device has a refreshed, modern look and retains all the advantages of its predecessor, such as exceptional functionality, small dimensions and ease of use. The plotter can cut paper up to about 300g in A4 format, various types of foil, for example self-adhesive, flex or flock, also directly from the roll. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Portrait 4 offers an exceptionally wide range of possibilities, remaining a great choice for craftsmen who create as a hobby and develop small businesses.

Silhouette Portrait 4 Features:

  • Cutting in various materials 
  • Sketching with markers
  • Cutting underlay materials without using a mat
  • Cutting out prints
  • Possibility to use deep cutting blade (up to 2 mm) 
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The plotter cuts in:

  • self-adhesive foils (wall stickers, balloon stickers, glass or wood stickers)
  • good quality paper up to approx. 300g (scraps, vignettes, invitations, inscriptions)
  • flex and flock foils (iron-on transfers for T-shirts, bags, textiles) 
  • magnetic foil (magnets)
  • stencil foils (for masks, painting stencils, rhinestones and rhinestones)
  • thin silicone for stamps foamiran, creative foams

Combined with the other elements of the set, you can use the plotter to create unique toppers, perfect for decorating cakes or cupcakes. Wonderful inscriptions or numbers cut out of mirror paper will add elegance to your baked goods and allow for personalization. Nothing stops you from making many other decorations for various occasions using a plotter.

Mirror papers weighing 300g look exceptionally elegant. They are also stiff, so designs made of them maintain their shape even after many hours.

The mat covered with strong glue will keep thicker materials on its surface, preventing the sheets from shifting and falling off during cutting.

The spatula will make it easier to remove the cut out shapes from the surface of the mat, making it extremely easy. It will also help you avoid damaging the design when peeling off even smaller elements.

Permanent spray glue for paper will create an even adhesive coating on the paper surface. This prevents the material from curling and wrinkling where the glue is applied.

The e-book course in Polish was created by us to facilitate the use of the Silhouette Studio program in the basic version. Thanks to it, you will learn the most important functions of the program and learn how to design your own patterns using the available tools.


  • 24 months for private persons and companies


ModelPortrait 4
ConnectionUSB, Bluetooth
LanguageEnglish, Polish
SoftwareSilhouette Studio (free), Adobe Illustrator - plug-in (paid extra), Corel DRAW - plug-in (paid extra), Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (paid extra), Silhouette Studio Business Edition (paid extra)
Mat formatA4 (8x12 inch)
Maximum Cutting Area With Cutting Mat20,3 x 30,5 cm (8 x 12 in.)
Maximum Cutting Area Without Cutting Mat20,3 x 143 cm (8 in. x 4,7 ft.)
Unit Dimensions44 x 16,3 x 12,4 cm
Unit Weight1,85 kg


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Made by: Michał Desol